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Camera: Stephen & Ashlan

I was honored last June to photograph the beautiful wedding of Stephen and Ashlan. The wedding was held at Norris Estate, a gorgeous venue with fantastic owners in Nappanee, Indiana. The weather was perfect, allowing the groom to follow through with his grand entrance via helicopter. Stephen and Ashlan were a fantastic couple to work with, and I thoroughly enjoyed their ceremony, reception, and guests.











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Camera: Nick & Neha’s Wedding

I was honored to photograph this wedding. I’ve known the bride since early high school, and we have managed to maintain our friendship over the years. Her family is wonderful, and as I’ve come to know Nick and his family, I knew this wedding would be a memorable party. It did not disappoint: these people know how to host a wedding. I wish Nick & Neha all the best in their journey together!




First look:


Post-ceremony party in the limo:






Bride, Groom, and Maid of Honor:




Like I said, party animals:


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Camera: Mehndi

My dear friend, Neha, had her Mehndi back in June, and I’m finally getting around to posting it here. Mehndi is an ancient tradition in the Middle East and India. Gorgeous, intricate designs are “painted” onto flesh using cones of henna. It’s also a festive celebration of the bride and the women of her family & friends who have helped guide her through life. If you are ever invited to attend this beautiful tradition, you must do so!


Neha receiving a blessing as her mama looks on…


The bride’s Mehndi is always incredibly intricate.


Here is my beautiful Mehndi!


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Camera: Wedding Bread

My cousin gets married today. A tradition among the Macedonians is the wedding bread dance. My Baba put great care into making Samantha’s wedding bread from scratch, and I was fortunate enough to photograph the baking session:

Weighing out the dough…

Rolling out the ropes…

The ropes are braided…

Then nestled in a round pan, and set to rise…

The risen bread is brushed with egg-wash and sprinkled with sesame seeds.

And now: everybody dance! This will give you some idea of what the experience is:

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29 Years Later…

Happy Anniversary, Mama & Daddy!!!

29 years ago:

A couple of weeks ago:

I’d say they’re aging pretty darn beautifully.  To many more years!!!

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Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Birthdays, graduation parties, bridal showers, a job, photo shoots, and my sister’s wedding.  That was my summer.  That’s where I’ve been.  It’s no excuse, but by the end of the day, I was just too dang tired to blog.  I had to pack up my studio space to make way for wedding gifts, so I don’t even have a painting to share.  Hopefully, the photos below will suffice.  Please forgive me; I’ve missed you all and I’ll try to be more consistent!

So. Many. Bridal. Showers.



PLENTY of opportunities to photograph food!

Family photo shoot for an adoption agency.

A peek at the second engagement session with my sister & (now) brother-in-law.

A rehearsal dinner……

……and a perfect wedding!

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With this ring…

My sister just became engaged to her boyfriend, Andrew.  That’s right:  I’m getting a brother-in-law this summer, and he is one amazing guy.

The proposal happened here:

He gave her this:

We’re all so happy!!!



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