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Camera: Snowmageddon

I live in the Midwest, where the weather can change in an instant and be incredibly dramatic. Like right now. It’s “the big one” of 2014 already, and we’ve been buried under inches and inches of the stuff, forced inside by high winds and frigid temperatures. Before it got completely out of control, though, we naturally ventured out to shovel at least once and take pictures and embrace our inner children.





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We’ve had an entire season’s worth of winter in a matter of a few days.  Before freeing the house from the weight of great icicles and snow, I did what any decent artist would do and took pictures:

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The Ice Shelf is Melting!

CAVEAT:  The following is a semi-sarcastic tirade of mine.  This is not meant to start political arguments on my blog because, honestly, I just don’t care.  Argue your politics on someone else’s blog.

If you’re still reading:

Global warming was not a smart term to create.  No one understands it.  Everyone keeps expecting temperatures to become higher and higher, all year, until the earth itself bursts into a massive ball of flames.  I believe “climate change” to be a better term.  Summers are far more hot, humid, and unbearable and winters are far more harsh, icy, and unbearable than they were when I was a kid.  There’s been a huge increase in natural disasters, though they cannot be directly linked to climate change.  But, come one!  Russia is on fire! Greenland and the Poles (band name, anyone?) are melting!  Jellyfish are taking over the ocean!

I find the whole climate change/global warming debate interesting: everyone seems to have scientific proof to back his/her opinions.  I saw Al Gore’s film in my college chemistry class……what is it called?  Something with an “I”……I don’t know, I can only think of Inception (awe-some!).  I guffawed at the animation of polar bears becoming trapped on icebergs which floated out into the ocean, slowly melting until the polar bear had to swim for its life.  Some say I have a twisted sense of humor, and that may be/is true, but I think Al went a bit over the top.  The ice shelf may be melting, but I don’t think all the polar bears are so feeble-minded as to hang out on only those parts of ice which are breaking away.  And, seriously, they wouldn’t realize what was happening and shift it to the mainland until they reached the middle of the ocean?!

ANYWAY, I painted the following piece based on some recent images of the melting of the ice shelf in Greenland.  Greenland is melting!!! 🙂  I used only three colors and painted about 90% of the piece using a palette knife.  In other words, this piece stretched me in many ways, and I’m really happy with the results.

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As much as I am ready for winter to just get the heck outta here already, I cannot help but be fascinated by the forms that snow can take.  A very small portion of the snow storm that has buried our nation’s capital swept through here on its way.  The worst part was the wind:  low visibility, massive drifts, you get the idea.  However, upon waking the next morning to a sunny, blue sky, I was struck by the roofline, where the snow had cascaded over the edge but not fallen, appearing as a gorgeous blanket drifting across our house.

I know, I know: our Christmas lights are still up.  Whatever.

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While the snow falls…

So, this is what is happening right now:

I should be out shoveling, but by the time I get to the end of the driveway, I’ll have to start all over again.  Schools are closing early because we’re getting 3 to 6 more inches!  Maybe I should use the snowblower…….but I’ll probably wait until my brother gets home from high school.

Instead, I’m doing this:

I’m loving my water-colored life.  I’ll take care of the snow later.

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