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The Bean

I feel this is one of the greatest examples of how art is an experience, not just something you look at.  The only other place I’ve seen this many people congregate around art is at The Metropolitan in Manhattan.

I love how the smooth, reflective curves of The Bean contrast with the sharp lines and angles of the skyscrapers.  I enjoyed observing people find themselves on the metallic, mirror-like surface, seeing their delight upon finding their reflections and posing for pictures.  I could sit there and watch people all day.

Me and a few of my besties.

My friend, Casey.

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Millennium Park

I’ve been to the Windy City six, seven, or eight times before, but this was my first time experiencing Millennium Park.  I don’t know how that happened.

While I was enchanted by the massive portrait fountains, I was more fascinated by the great congregation of people.  I saw skin tones of every shade, an array of cultural backgrounds, and everyone from toddling babies to aged cane-wielders.  All of them, brought together to this place, to refresh themselves in the water.

*This was my favorite of the photos I took here.  Everything about it is so graceful.

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We are so LOST.

I’m a Lostie.  I just couldn’t help myself:  after watching the pilot episode six years ago, I was hopelessly hooked.  I’ve never invested this way in a television show, with intrigue and tears and wonder.  People around me have been talking about tonight, the final season premier for days and days.  People are freakishly obsessed.  I admit that I will be unreachable tonight while the show airs, because if you miss even a moment, you could miss something vital!

As much as I adore LOST, I have to wonder:  if we invested in people, in each other, as much as we invest in our favorite television shows or sports teams, wouldn’t our little world be a more beautiful place?  More often than not, I think our priorities get a little lost.

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