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Canvas: May Flowers

As I continue to play with this new style of my artistic creations, I’m utilizing my older photographs as guides. One of my favorite photos is of my mom’s spring flowers after a good rain. I decided to recreate it, choosing my own colors as opposed to those in the photograph. The piece below is 5×7″ and is an ink drawing with colored pencil. I was curious to see just how far I could manipulate my basic Crayola pencils, and I am in love with the results.


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Peony Problem

So, Mama had these gorgeous, massive peonies growing in the corner of the backyard.  When my sister graduated from college and moved home, we had a lovely dinner party to celebrate, and the tables were graced with the lovely flowers.  They lasted quite a while, wilting very slowly.  I thought they’d last forever, and perhaps they would have, if they only had legs and could run away from the power of my exuberant brother’s arms.  See, peonies are kind of fragile and, sadly, we lost the wounded peonies soon after Zach finished talking with his arms.

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Spring Showers & Flowers

It rained for, like, five days straight here.  When the clouds parted, there were beautiful beads of water on the blossoms and the colors were so vibrant.  Since I don’t really have much to say, here’s a little glimpse of Mama’s flowers.

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Tearful Trees

My favorite tree on my parents’ property, and probably one of my favorite trees in general, is the weeping cherry:

I love the weeping trees in general.  If I could be married under a weeping willow, I would do it.  What a romantic tree the weeping willow is, even if its name sounds so sad and melancholy.

Today, I just really loved the way the light played through all of the weeping cherry blossoms:

May you experience light today!

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He is risen! (and so have the flowers…)

Easter is a holiday of hope, forgiveness, mercy and joy.  As I’ve grown older, I’ve enjoyed celebrating holy week more and more.  Just as Christians around the world celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, the earth itself seems to celebrate the gift of a new life.  My mother’s daffodils are blossoming and blooming, and I indulged in their simple beauty:

Christ is risen!  Happy Easter to you all, and I hope that however you choose to celebrate the day that it is filled with blessings and wonderful memories.  I leave you with our gorgeous Easter lily…

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“You can learn a lot of things from the flowers.”

One of the things I love about the blogosphere is other artists.  I miss being around other artists all the time, as I was in college.  Blogs give me an opportunity to see what others are doing and to be inspired.  A couple weeks ago, a fellow blogger posed a challenge, to somehow interpret a picture he had posted.  I was fresh out of painting ideas and was curious to see how others would respond, so I painted.

As usual with my work, it took a very different direction from what I was expecting.  As I neared what would perhaps be a finish, I could not stop thinking about how my interpretation was reminiscent of the scene from Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland in which a tiny Alice is wandering through a massive garden of flowers.  I kept expecting to see her in her blue dress, tip toeing apprehensively through the giant flowers……so……I painted her into it, too.  The finished product looks nothing like what I was expecting, but it is very much me.

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It smells like rain.  It’s warm enough to throw open all the windows.  There is hope that the season of rebirth is on the way.

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