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Camera: Nick & Neha & Baby on the Way

Some of you may remember seeing Nick and Neha before on my blog. I took their engagement photos, photographed Neha’s mehndi, and photographed their wedding. Now, they are two months away from being parents, and they asked me to shoot a few maternity photos. One of the things I love about working with Nick and Neha is that they are not fussy people. They like simple and basic, and they aren’t afraid to try anything. I have so enjoyed celebrating these milestones in their relationship, and I look forward to meeting, enjoying and photographing baby Theo!







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Camera: New Life

Recently, my mom’s side of the family welcomed its newest member, Eliza. My Nana now serves as the matriarch for most of the cousins, so they brought Eliza by to meet her. I captured some sweet photos, especially the one just below of my mom, her mom, and our new cousin. I’m hoping to get a shot like this someday in which the baby is my sister’s, so this is my subtle way of telling her & her husband to get moving. Welcome to our family, sweet Eliza!



IMG_2781 copy

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Class of 2014

My baby brother graduated from college in 2014. It was a bright spot between the deaths of my grandfathers. Zach had quite the roller coaster of a college experience, but he persevered, work very hard, and I am just beyond proud of him. He is now getting a double-masters and is ready to take on the world.

I could not believe my luck with this shot of Zach processing in to the graduation ceremony:


My brother and I:


The boy and his girl:


The proud parents:


We had a gorgeous day at Anderson University to celebrate all the graduates:


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After nearly a year, I’ve decided I’m ready to jump back into blogging. For those who don’t know, I lost both of my grandfathers in the early months of 2014. One was a slow, lingering deterioration that was truly heartbreaking, the other was a brief, two-week shock that I still don’t fully believe happened. Having had my grandparents in my life for 28 years, I was very close with them. The deaths of my grandfathers left my heart and spirit greatly fractured, and I just didn’t feel creative for almost a year. Instead, I’ve filled my spare time with reflection, meditation, and journaling. I was broken in a way I’d never experienced, and I didn’t really know what that should look like. I developed an obsession with scanning the old photographs and slides of both my grandfathers, perhaps in some hope that by restoring the old photographs, I was keeping them alive.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m eternally grateful for my lifestyle and job at that time allowing me to spend so much time with each grandfather at the ends of their lives, even if it was difficult. With Dedo, I was there to hold his hand when he was in pain, cry with him, feed him, and tuck him in when he was cold. We said everything we’ve ever left unsaid. I knew how much he loved me, and he knew how much I loved him. I would fall asleep in the chair next to his bed when he slept. Near the end, when he was mostly unresponsive, I sang to him and stroked his forehead. Painful, but no regrets.

My Papa went so quickly. After five months of watching one grandfather slowly fade away, I recognized rather quickly that my Papa wasn’t going home. However, in this case, it all happened so quickly that I didn’t get to tell him everything I wanted to until he was on life support and I didn’t know if he even heard me. I was so stunned by how rapidly Papa died that I still expect to find him in his favorite chair when I go visit my Nana.

During both deaths, I learned so much about relationships. I watched how my mother and father honored their fathers by sacrificing all of their free time to help with care, medical decisions, and just loving their fathers well. I learned a lot about love itself: it’s painful, it’s beautiful, and if it’s true, it never goes away. Both sets of grandparents were married for about 60 years, and suddenly my grandmothers were without their lifelong mates. They refused to leave my grandfathers’ sides. Their love was deep and real, and it only made my love for all of them greater. I learned that there must be something beyond death, as my grandfathers witnessed people who had already passed as well as what my Dedo could only describe as a “beautiful angel”. Though I was losing so much (and I’ve never cried so much in my life), my grandfathers were gaining everything.

All that to say, thank you for sticking with me and for being so patient. I’m starting to feel that creative urge again and hope to give you, my readers, so much more in the coming year.


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The stud you see below is my little brother. He’s not so little anymore; taller and stronger than I am, he’s a young man now. Today he is 21, and I know the typical 21st birthday gifts involve alcoholic beverages, but I want to pay tribute to one of my favorite men in the world. He’s loyal, faithful, trustworthy, and filled with integrity. He’s a good listener, has a great sense of humor, and is always up for a new adventure. He also makes me feel special and loved when I’m doubting myself or feeling lonely. I love you to pieces, Zach, and I’m so very blessed that you are my brother.

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Camera: Shower of Sweets

My mom, sister and I threw a bridal shower for my cousin, Samantha. We went with a champagne and dessert buffet. Most of the guests would be Macedonian women, and they love sweet treats and sparkly drinks. It was quite a success, and I thoroughly enjoyed the long hours spent in the kitchen creating the delicacies.

Treat boxes for guests! Sam’s wedding color is purple, so we filled the boxes with a variety of purple colored candy as well as packaged dessert extras.

Among the goodies were Madelines, mini Pecan Tarts…


Mama’s mini Lemon Meringue Tarts…

Devil’s Food cupcakes with homemade Vanilla Buttercream. I used to work in a bakery. 🙂

Nutella Shortbread Sandwiches…

Maria’s Andes Mints cookies…

Our Baba’s baklava. No one makes it better.

The hostesses with the bride-to-be!

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In Review

2011 was quite a busy years. Babies were born!!! Interestingly, all the babies born into my life this year were boys.


I played with friends.


Enjoyed our last family vacation as five in St. Joe, Michigan.



Spent some quality time in The District with my college roomie & bestie:



A couple of my favorite, dearest friends finally got married, and Kaye & Chad’s wedding was gorgeous:


Enjoyed my hometown, rediscovering our amazing zoo, having my artwork hung (and sold!) at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art, and becoming a devoted patron of such fabulous places as Firefly, Yum-Mees Bakery, the Acme Bar & Grill, Club Soda and Cocktails:



Displayed & SOLD at FWMoA:




Oh yeah, and my little sister got married, giving me another brother!!!  Here are Andrew & Maria, and my little brother, Zach, and I:


Lastly, I spent a few days in Manhattan, enjoying the Christmas sights and sounds of New York City with my aunts.  Here’s a teaser, but more on all that, later:

The year ahead is bringing a job promotion, a few exciting weddings, and some special graduations. I’m going into the new year with the hope that it is far better than this past one. Blessings to you all, and thanks for your continued faithfulness in following my sporadic posts! 🙂


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Camera: Giving Thanks.

I don’t have a perfect life, or even my ideal life for that matter, but I am so grateful for all the ways in which I’ve been blessed. I have a job while many of my fellow citizens still do not. It’s a steady job with fantastic co-workers, and though it doesn’t pay much, I’m thankful to be working with people who genuinely care about their co-workers and their clients. My parents are graciously allowing me to live with them rent-free; I recently realized, when going over my finances, that if my parents weren’t letting me live with them, I’d probably be homeless or living in a shelter. I’m so thankful for a family that loves me and supports me and enjoys having me around. I’m grateful for relatively good health, for the generous, funny, and compassionate people of Triple Pointe Church, and for my dear friends, near and far, who continue to maintain relationships with me despite the distance. I’m blessed by a God who continues to love me despite my fickleness.

Now, on to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and Papa’s slow-roasted turkey, and real mashed potatoes and Nana’s pies and naps and hauling up the Christmas decorations. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. You may not have everything you want, but you probably have everything you need.

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Maria Flower

My little sister’s birthday is today.  She was an adorable baby, and always very happy, even early in the morning.

I’ve always been blessed by Maria and thankful to have her in my life.  She got married this summer, and it’s made me quite reflective on our past and our relationship.  I wouldn’t be able to laugh at myself if it weren’t for her.  She introduced me to The Civil Wars and Missy Higgins and Jon McLaughlin.  She shares my passion for 90’s pop culture.  We’ve never been able to share clothes because, well, she is a teeny, tiny person and I am a solid, curvaceous person.  That’s okay, because we’ve shared friends and laughter and tears and we’ve made an abundance of great memories together.  Today, she turns 24, and it’s strange because while she is younger in age, I feel she is more “grown up” than I am.  Regardless, I am so blessed by the gift I was given 24 years ago in my little sister, and I wish her an abundance of all of the great things life has to offer.  I love you, Mimi!!!

*Kristen, I’m pretty sure you took this, and it’s one of my favorite shots from that day, so thank you!

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