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Kitchen: An Italian Brunch

I’ve been wanting to make this brunch for my parents for a long time. It is composed of many of my favorite things: crisp prosciutto, polenta loaded with parmegianno regiano and goat cheese, and perfectly poached eggs. It may sound intimidating, but it isn’t, trust me. The polenta took about 3 minutes, if that. You follow the package directions, then add whatever you want at the end (in this case, a couple of cheeses) The prosciutto was put on a baking sheet in a 350-degree oven until it reached my desired crispiness.

The trick for me here was the poached eggs, as I’ve never made them before. It’s my favorite way to eat an egg, all softly textured with the rich, creamy yolk, but I only get them when I’m at a restaurant that will make them for me. I did what any curious cook with the internet should do: I googled and YouTubed how to make poached eggs. Some said to swirl the cooking liquid, some said it isn’t necessary. Some said add vinegar, some said it’s unnecessary.

I wound up cracking one egg at a time into a small, mesh sieve. This drains away all the loose whites that make poached eggs look raggedy. I then gently laid it into a large pan of simmering water. All I put in the water was salt, no vinegar. I then left the eggs alone, no stirring, no poking; I just kept an eye on them until all the whites had firmed up and there was no “clear” egg in the water. I surprised myself with delightful results.

Let me tell you, there are few things so decadent as a perfectly poached egg broken over a bowl of cheesy polenta. This meal stays with you for a long time.


Behold the glory of a breakfast I wish I could eat every morning:


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“It’s raw, genius.”

There are two women in my life who will be intense homemakers and hostesses when they are married.  One is my college roommate, the other is our mutual friend, Christianna, with whom we shared an apartment for half of our senior year.  She is a baking machine and cares deeply for her cookie sheet.  Now, while Christianna appreciates my sarcasm, she rarely dishes it out herself, so when the following occurred, I was a bit surprised:

One of our underclassmen, Katie, was doing homework with me in the living room while Christianna prepared an egg casserole for the next morning’s breakfast.  We heard Christianna mention that the casserole already looked so good that she wanted to eat some right now.

“So, eat some,” responded Katie.

Silence followed, then came a voice from the kitchen:

“It’s raw, genius.”

*please excuse the poor image quality!

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