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Cooking: Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

I made these luscious little gems a while ago, and they were very popular. You should try making them because they are delicious, easy, and friendly to all ages. I picked up the recipe here. I wrapped a bunch of them individually in plastic wrap, nestled them in a box of tissue paper, and they shipped really well to a couple of my favorite undergrads. Whoopie pies are versatile and also great for holidays.



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Camera: Shower of Sweets

My mom, sister and I threw a bridal shower for my cousin, Samantha. We went with a champagne and dessert buffet. Most of the guests would be Macedonian women, and they love sweet treats and sparkly drinks. It was quite a success, and I thoroughly enjoyed the long hours spent in the kitchen creating the delicacies.

Treat boxes for guests! Sam’s wedding color is purple, so we filled the boxes with a variety of purple colored candy as well as packaged dessert extras.

Among the goodies were Madelines, mini Pecan Tarts…


Mama’s mini Lemon Meringue Tarts…

Devil’s Food cupcakes with homemade Vanilla Buttercream. I used to work in a bakery. 🙂

Nutella Shortbread Sandwiches…

Maria’s Andes Mints cookies…

Our Baba’s baklava. No one makes it better.

The hostesses with the bride-to-be!

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