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Class of 2014

My baby brother graduated from college in 2014. It was a bright spot between the deaths of my grandfathers. Zach had quite the roller coaster of a college experience, but he persevered, work very hard, and I am just beyond proud of him. He is now getting a double-masters and is ready to take on the world.

I could not believe my luck with this shot of Zach processing in to the graduation ceremony:


My brother and I:


The boy and his girl:


The proud parents:


We had a gorgeous day at Anderson University to celebrate all the graduates:


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My brother is smart……

……and now he has a document to prove it, though I have digitally removed his middle initial and last name so his identity doesn’t get stolen if some weirdo stumbles upon this:

He also knows how to dress for such an occasion.  Seriously, the dude is one sharp dresser.  Here he is, freaking out about how many pictures I’m taking:

Mom & Dad are so proud!

I am also SO.  VERY.  PROUD.  I talk about my siblings all the time, it’s like a tic I have.

Zach is the coolest guy around: athletic, musically inclined, smart, mature, hilarious, loyal, passionate, seriously, I could go on for days.  I am forever blessed to have him as my brother.  I mean, isn’t he so adorable?!

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My one major regret from college is that I did not participate in a Lighthouse mission trip.  TU is great about conducting mission trips to various peoples of the world who really need help.  Students are completely immersed in a foreign culture and learn through action what it truly means to be the hands and feet of Christ.

My younger sister, Maria, is participating in a Lighthouse trip in this, her senior year.  She and the rest of her team left this morning for Paraguay.  They will live with a native Ache tribe for the next month, working with the children and building classrooms for the school.  The government came in and attempted to “help” by building bathroom/shower facilities, but it was a rushed, poorly conducted job, and the place is in shambles:  another thing the team will be attempting to fix.

My sister has a heart that genuinely cares for other people.  She always puts herself last and does what she can to make life a little easier for others.  She’s a problem solver, a hands-on worker, and a great listener.  She may be a tiny person, but the best things come in small packages, and her beautiful soul and personality will be a wonderful gift to the Ache people.

Here is the Lighthouse 2010 Team Paraguay.  I will miss her and worry about her constantly while she is gone, but she is doing important work.  Blessings to her, the rest of the team, and all of the people they will encounter.

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