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Camera: Zoo Day

Our kindergarteners took their annual trip to the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo, which seems to be a right of passage for every kindergartener in northeast-north central Indiana. I love this day: watching the excitement of all the kids, especially those for whom this is their first and/or possibly only visit. They are so excited and everything is interesting to them. Kindergarteners can be quite exhausting, with endless questions and chatter and tying shoes and messes to clean up and tears to dry. However, they are also at an age in which they are still filled with wonder and excitement and a passion for learning new things. We have a great class this year, and I love these kids. Experiencing the zoo with them was such a blessing!


Watching the Capuchin monkeys on Monkey Island:






These boys were really excited to see the honey badger:


Bill the lion put on quite a show for the kids, even letting out a great, frightening roar:






Those are a few of my boys with a dad, watching the giraffes from the bridge:


Another dad points out differences in animal skulls to his group of boys:


My sweet, silly girls play in “prehistoric” eggs:


A group shot of about a third of our class, standing in front of a Safari Jeep:


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Camera: Pumpkin Patch

My mom is a kindergarten teacher, God bless her. Each year, she takes her little munchkins to a local pumpkin patch to learn all about planting, harvesting, cooking, and carving pumpkins. I decided to tag along this year and photograph the kids as they explored. After a brief lesson in the farm’s “school house”, everyone is ushered onto a hayride, which goes out to the pumpkin patches. Each child then may choose a pumpkin to take home. Most of these kids have never had this kind of experience, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching them all.


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Camera: Julian

Julian turned one year old, and I was honored to shoot his portraits. This little one has a fantastic personality, and he had a blast running around outside. He really seemed to enjoy charging me while I was trying to take pictures, but this resulted in some great shots. Taking pictures of little ones is exhausting, but I have found that I really enjoy it.









Look at that ornery face! I had so much fun, and I think he did, too.

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I’ve never suffered the pain of losing a child, though I know others who have.  I’ve never known how to help, how to comfort these friends who have lost in such a way.  A friend of mine has begun a branch of the Elizabeth Ministry, which reaches out to those who have lost a child and teaches their loved ones how to reach out to them, too.

Now, this friend of mine lost her baby girl almost three years ago, so this ministry is extremely close to her heart.  As part of a series of workshops, participants can create a painting to work through some of their grief and make a kind of memorial to their child.  My friend asked me to create a couple of pieces to show and eventually auction off to raise funds for the project.  I sat in front of a small canvas and thought……and thought……and thought.  I had absolutely no experience from which to pull.  I started thinking about my friend’s experience instead: she carried a child within her, knowing that child would not survive.  She went through the pain of childbirth and experienced the new life of her daughter, only to have it quickly taken away.  Her daughter was a little soul none of us got to know, and I cannot imagine the continuing pain of losing your only daughter.  I began to think about that little soul; the colors of her spirit, the impact she made in just that tiny amount of time, and the pieces of her that live within her mother, her father, and her big brother.

Hadassah, you were the inspiration for this one.

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Millennium Park

I’ve been to the Windy City six, seven, or eight times before, but this was my first time experiencing Millennium Park.  I don’t know how that happened.

While I was enchanted by the massive portrait fountains, I was more fascinated by the great congregation of people.  I saw skin tones of every shade, an array of cultural backgrounds, and everyone from toddling babies to aged cane-wielders.  All of them, brought together to this place, to refresh themselves in the water.

*This was my favorite of the photos I took here.  Everything about it is so graceful.

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Maria’s Adventures in Paraguay (III)

Hey, remember that one time that my younger sister, Maria, went to Paraguay and lived with the native Ache people for a while?  Perhaps you’d like to see a couple of photos:

Maria is very approachable, friendly, and small in stature, so the Ache children loved her.  Maria, who has never in her life spent this much time with kids, adored them in return, and she still misses them all the time.  Aren’t they so cute?!

This little guy, Wachugi, was the most difficult for Maria to leave behind.  She had a special attachment to him and, as you can see, he could sense the impending departure of Maria’s team.  She grew so much as a person and learned a lot about people and faith and herself.

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