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Camera: New Life

Recently, my mom’s side of the family welcomed its newest member, Eliza. My Nana now serves as the matriarch for most of the cousins, so they brought Eliza by to meet her. I captured some sweet photos, especially the one just below of my mom, her mom, and our new cousin. I’m hoping to get a shot like this someday in which the baby is my sister’s, so this is my subtle way of telling her & her husband to get moving. Welcome to our family, sweet Eliza!



IMG_2781 copy

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The stud you see below is my little brother. He’s not so little anymore; taller and stronger than I am, he’s a young man now. Today he is 21, and I know the typical 21st birthday gifts involve alcoholic beverages, but I want to pay tribute to one of my favorite men in the world. He’s loyal, faithful, trustworthy, and filled with integrity. He’s a good listener, has a great sense of humor, and is always up for a new adventure. He also makes me feel special and loved when I’m doubting myself or feeling lonely. I love you to pieces, Zach, and I’m so very blessed that you are my brother.

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Valley Baby

She is a deep thinker, a child prodigy of sorts with an abundance of knowledge and eloquence.  She is a writer, a poet, and spins words on paper as easily as she speaks them.  She is fiercely loyal, compassionate, and a great listener.  She is also a science fiction-fantasy junkie, which is part of what balances the remarkable woman with childlike fun.  She is Valerie, one of my dearest friends, whose life I celebrate today: her birthday.

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Maria Flower

My little sister’s birthday is today.  She was an adorable baby, and always very happy, even early in the morning.

I’ve always been blessed by Maria and thankful to have her in my life.  She got married this summer, and it’s made me quite reflective on our past and our relationship.  I wouldn’t be able to laugh at myself if it weren’t for her.  She introduced me to The Civil Wars and Missy Higgins and Jon McLaughlin.  She shares my passion for 90’s pop culture.  We’ve never been able to share clothes because, well, she is a teeny, tiny person and I am a solid, curvaceous person.  That’s okay, because we’ve shared friends and laughter and tears and we’ve made an abundance of great memories together.  Today, she turns 24, and it’s strange because while she is younger in age, I feel she is more “grown up” than I am.  Regardless, I am so blessed by the gift I was given 24 years ago in my little sister, and I wish her an abundance of all of the great things life has to offer.  I love you, Mimi!!!

*Kristen, I’m pretty sure you took this, and it’s one of my favorite shots from that day, so thank you!

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My sister turned 23 on Friday.  She is living in an apartment attached to a house, and she’s been nagging me for art.  Instead of allowing her to take something I’ve already finished, I decided to paint a larger piece that reflected Maria more personally.  Maria likes bright colors.  She loves Americana and is passionate about our young nation’s history.  The piece that was formed from my knowledge of and love for my sister became “Independence”.  The background is whiter than it appears here.  I used Prussian blue, Grumbacher red, gold, and titanium white.  Maria loved it, and I am quite happy with the result:

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