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Canvas: “Splatter”

Sometimes, I am possessed by a bit of crazy and I do something like a massive splatter painting using only a liner brush. This is one of those pieces. I had speckles of paint all over me for days, but I love all the layers:

Oil & acrylic on canvas board.

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Canvas: “Dragon Nebula”

Oil & acrylic on canvas.

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Canvas: “The Fall of Icarus”

Oil & acrylic on canvas. SOLD.

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Canvas: “Fractured”

Oil & acrylic on canvas.

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Canvas: “The Hermitage of Mt. Subasio”

Oil & acrylic on canvas board. Based on a photograph I took of the hermitage of St. Francis in Assisi, Italy; it was one of my favorite places in the country.

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Canvas: “Auschwitz”

Oil & acrylic on canvas board

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Canvas: “Time”

It’s fleeting.  It’s fragile.  There’s never enough of it and everyone wants more of it.  It plays a pivotal role in many films, as well as everyday life.  Things happen “just in time” or someone or an event has “perfect timing”.  For a concept so abstract, it’s something without which we could not function.  I was inspired by the haunting final track of Inception, a gorgeous soundtrack by Hans Zimmer, one of my favorite composers.  The piece builds and builds, increasing in intensity and emotion, sucking viewers helplessly into the final minutes of the movie.  The piece is aptly titled Time.

I tried to represent the contrast of both the muddy, vague concept of time with its delicate nature.  As with so many things, this painting began one way and went a completely different direction.  It photographed a bit strangely here:  the background is much more muted, but the bronze paint is actually that brilliant.  I wasn’t sure how I felt about it, so I stepped away from it for a few days.  Remarkably, I still liked it.  In this instance, taking some time was a good thing.

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I’ve never suffered the pain of losing a child, though I know others who have.  I’ve never known how to help, how to comfort these friends who have lost in such a way.  A friend of mine has begun a branch of the Elizabeth Ministry, which reaches out to those who have lost a child and teaches their loved ones how to reach out to them, too.

Now, this friend of mine lost her baby girl almost three years ago, so this ministry is extremely close to her heart.  As part of a series of workshops, participants can create a painting to work through some of their grief and make a kind of memorial to their child.  My friend asked me to create a couple of pieces to show and eventually auction off to raise funds for the project.  I sat in front of a small canvas and thought……and thought……and thought.  I had absolutely no experience from which to pull.  I started thinking about my friend’s experience instead: she carried a child within her, knowing that child would not survive.  She went through the pain of childbirth and experienced the new life of her daughter, only to have it quickly taken away.  Her daughter was a little soul none of us got to know, and I cannot imagine the continuing pain of losing your only daughter.  I began to think about that little soul; the colors of her spirit, the impact she made in just that tiny amount of time, and the pieces of her that live within her mother, her father, and her big brother.

Hadassah, you were the inspiration for this one.

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