Five Years Later…

So, in October (yes, I’m a bit behind on some things), my college class had our 5th year reunion. Instead of going to that, my roommate and two of the gals we lived with for four years rented a flat in Sandusky, Ohio, for a long weekend. Why Sandusky? It’s relatively in the middle of all the places we currently live. The loft apartment we rented was in this amazing old paper factory, right on Lake Erie.


Guys, this is the loft itself. Absolutely amazing.


Our view from our third floor balcony was of Cedar Point. We were there before Halloween, before the park closes for the winter months, so every night, everything was lit up and it looked so whimsical across the water.


Because we are born Midwestern girls and all enjoy the charm of small-town festivals, we chose to visit The Apple Festival in nearby Oak Harbor. There was a freakishly long, charming parade, freshly pressed cider, apples, apple dumplings, and all things apple-y. There was a flee market and an arts and crafts barn. The food alley had everything from homemade ice cream being churned in old wooden buckets to a jerk chicken truck (!) to kettle corn being hand-stirred in giant black cauldrons. Completely charming!


Sandusky has a Merry-Go-Round Museum, so being that we are odd and randomly spontaneous, we ended up there. Yes, we went on a ride.


We also went to Toft Dairy, because even though it was chilly, we are ice cream people, and Toft has tons of it. I highly recommend “Howly Toledo”. Plus, this is the oldest dairy in Ohio, and why not?


The two nights in which we did not cook together, we went to this incredible restaurant, which you can look for in my next post. Lastly, some shots of interesting places that distracted me; where some see ruin and dilapidation, I see history, stories, mystery, and beauty.


Anywhere can be vacation; it’s all about making it an adventure.



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