Camera: Spring

Indiana has strange weather. On this particular day, we had aggressive thunderstorms, ending in a double rainbow. Then a beautiful patch of blue sky appeared. You can view all these things happening at once below (pardon the raindrops on my lens). Then, the storms returned. Never a dull moment.

IMG_6203 IMG_6207

God’s promises to Hoosiers:


So, we have more trees on our property than most (if not all) the properties in the neighborhood, yet Mama Robin decided to built her nest on our water meter. We had three babies, although one of them was continually squashed by its siblings. All you can see of it below is its beak sticking straight up in the air on the left side of the nest. Then, Mama Robin discovered me taking pictures and went crazy, so I got outta there.

IMG_6231 IMG_6243

The newest addition to our property, a white hydrangea, is blooming beautifully. After our crazy night of multiple inches of rain, toadstools popped up all over the lawn. Mom teased me for lying flat in the grass to photograph them, but she really laughed when I stood up and had muddy water all over me.

IMG_6263 IMG_6269

She’s way late into the season, but we just discovered another Mama Robin has chosen to nest on our property. This one, however, chose a tree.*




*EDIT: The baby Robins were eaten by a hawk.

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