Maria Flower

My little sister’s birthday is today.  She was an adorable baby, and always very happy, even early in the morning.

I’ve always been blessed by Maria and thankful to have her in my life.  She got married this summer, and it’s made me quite reflective on our past and our relationship.  I wouldn’t be able to laugh at myself if it weren’t for her.  She introduced me to The Civil Wars and Missy Higgins and Jon McLaughlin.  She shares my passion for 90’s pop culture.  We’ve never been able to share clothes because, well, she is a teeny, tiny person and I am a solid, curvaceous person.  That’s okay, because we’ve shared friends and laughter and tears and we’ve made an abundance of great memories together.  Today, she turns 24, and it’s strange because while she is younger in age, I feel she is more “grown up” than I am.  Regardless, I am so blessed by the gift I was given 24 years ago in my little sister, and I wish her an abundance of all of the great things life has to offer.  I love you, Mimi!!!

*Kristen, I’m pretty sure you took this, and it’s one of my favorite shots from that day, so thank you!

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