Camera: Airborne

I took a tiny, puddle-jumping deathtrap plane to Detroit, then a slightly larger, more stable-feeling plane to DC over Labor Day weekend to spend some quality time with my college roommate/bestie.  The flight out offered some spectacular views from the airplane window, which kept me from thinking about all the ways I could die in an airplane:

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One thought on “Camera: Airborne

  1. Beautiful shots!
    Believe it or not, I’ve only been on a plane just one time a few years ago flying to Boston to watch my brother-in-law graduate from M.I.T., was amazed of the view, the technology that it takes to lift something so large that high in the sky, and the feeling that I had no control of the plane! Hate that! at least in a car I can decide whether to pull over or not. I would fly again, but uncomfortable about doing it.

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