Camera: Pure Michigan

In the midst of the wedding chaos this summer, my family was able to escape for a long weekend to St. Joe, Michigan, one of our favorite places.  It.  Was.  Glorious.

We partied in glittery elevators, even after we discovered the security camera:

I stalked ducklings:

During a walk, we watched the sailing class tool around, then panic, when a huge barge came through:

We were enchanted by the beach carousel, which Mom & Dad actually rode because they’re cute like that:

A shout out to my beloved Lyzenga family:

Saw the most terrifying clown EVER:

Gorged ourselves on ice cream at Kilwins:

Wandered through the farmer’s market, where there were a few things I wanted to purchase, but I was firmly led away:

It’s not a vacation unless Zach gets yelled at by Mom:

Observed fishermen young & old, some who were clearly having far better luck than others:

Dora the Explorer seems freakishly serious about her job, floating across Lake Michigan on an umbrella:

Don Quixote! Get it?! This is for you, Val. There were whimsical animal statues like this all over the place:

Enjoyed some gorgeous Midwest sunsets over the lake:

Though the weather was different every hour (this is the Midwest, after all), we thoroughly enjoyed the beaches of Pure Michigan:

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3 thoughts on “Camera: Pure Michigan

  1. Whimsical animal statues?! Were they all literary? I need to go to this St. Joe’s.

  2. These photos ARE my childhood. Thanks for those. Gorgeous.

  3. Andrew says:

    What is that Zach is holding in that top picture? Hm….

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