Canvas: “Time”

It’s fleeting.  It’s fragile.  There’s never enough of it and everyone wants more of it.  It plays a pivotal role in many films, as well as everyday life.  Things happen “just in time” or someone or an event has “perfect timing”.  For a concept so abstract, it’s something without which we could not function.  I was inspired by the haunting final track of Inception, a gorgeous soundtrack by Hans Zimmer, one of my favorite composers.  The piece builds and builds, increasing in intensity and emotion, sucking viewers helplessly into the final minutes of the movie.  The piece is aptly titled Time.

I tried to represent the contrast of both the muddy, vague concept of time with its delicate nature.  As with so many things, this painting began one way and went a completely different direction.  It photographed a bit strangely here:  the background is much more muted, but the bronze paint is actually that brilliant.  I wasn’t sure how I felt about it, so I stepped away from it for a few days.  Remarkably, I still liked it.  In this instance, taking some time was a good thing.

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3 thoughts on “Canvas: “Time”

  1. Gah!!! I love this!!!!

  2. lesliepaints says:

    Yay! A painting! I keep forgetting to pick up that soundtrack. Zimmer is one of my favorites.
    That said, I like this representation. I like the idea of time stringing along. I, too, wish there was more of it, Bree. I know wjhat you mean about photos sometimes not capturing the tone or color. I have the most trouble when I try to photograph violet.
    Wonderful painting!

  3. Time, you only get one shot at it, so make each moment count!
    May 17, 2011 11:05

    Great painting Bree! What a wonderful talent you are

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