My brother is smart……

……and now he has a document to prove it, though I have digitally removed his middle initial and last name so his identity doesn’t get stolen if some weirdo stumbles upon this:

He also knows how to dress for such an occasion.  Seriously, the dude is one sharp dresser.  Here he is, freaking out about how many pictures I’m taking:

Mom & Dad are so proud!

I am also SO.  VERY.  PROUD.  I talk about my siblings all the time, it’s like a tic I have.

Zach is the coolest guy around: athletic, musically inclined, smart, mature, hilarious, loyal, passionate, seriously, I could go on for days.  I am forever blessed to have him as my brother.  I mean, isn’t he so adorable?!

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3 thoughts on “My brother is smart……

  1. Good looks and smarts, must run in the family!

  2. kara tsuleff says:

    There will be living with him now! Brittany, you are so special!!!!!!!!

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