While I have no desire whatsoever to live in one of our nation’s massive cities, I do love visiting them.  The first time, I wander around like a tourist, photographing famous landmarks and such, constantly gazing around in wonder.  There are so many people and cars and buildings, and the decibel level is unbelievable.  I’m easily over-stimulated, so needless to say, places like Times Square and the lovely Michigan Avenue leave me feeling overwhelmed and ready to curl up in a dark, quiet place.

Once I repeat a visit to a place, I tend to view it a bit more from an artist’s perspective.  I notice obscure details, such as the shifting of light, patterns, oddities, and the interactions between people.

A glimpse of the Windy City, from my most recent perspective:

Leftover flowers from a Hindu wedding; the whole place was gorgeous, but these beauties were enchanting, as they were suspended in water.

I want this townhouse for so many reasons.

If I recall correctly, this street was used in filming the most recent Batman films.  At any rate, the lighting and dark skyscrapers definitely made me think of Gotham City.

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