A Small Measure of Peace

My dear cousin, Samantha, is one of my greatest encouragers when it comes to my paintings.  However, she is a poor college student and cannot afford to buy one.  She just turned 21, so I thought that perhaps a small painting might be nice for her.  This piece is based on Han Zimmer’s composition “A Small Measure of Peace” from The Last Samurai.

Now, Sam spent some time in India doing mission work, and it affected her in a huge way.  Because of that, I added an element of henna tattoo designs onto the background.  You see them when the light hits it just right:

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5 thoughts on “A Small Measure of Peace

  1. I LOVE THIS ONE!!!!!! Oh my goodness, this could be my new favorite (besides the one you made for me, of course). I adore the henna awesomeness! Dang, girl!

  2. Samantha says:

    Hehe, Thanks so much! I LOVE IT and can’t wait to hang it in my room at school :)!!!!

  3. lesliepaints says:

    Wow! This is beautiful, Bree! You are so good with the inspirational abstract work. I get lost when I try them and lose my compositions. What a truly wonderful gift!

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