Sorry……sometimes life gets away……

Our internet connection over the past month has been sporadic at best.  Even if it had not, I still may not have been able to blog:  my sister graduated from college and moved home, my grandfather had major back surgery, my brother graduated from high school, my grandmother had abdominal surgery, I had a few weddings and bridal showers and a weekend spent with relatives in another city, a co-worker had to go on medical leave and I took over her hours, more than doubling my current work hours, and, well, all of a sudden, a month has passed me.  I do have some art to post, art which was done over a month ago and has just been waiting for some time on the blogosphere, so get excited. 🙂

However, today I got to work and learned that a client committed suicide over the weekend.  That’s a part of working at a counseling center that I had forgotten about, and I can’t put all of my thoughts and feelings into words, so I’m just gonna cry about it for a while.  The art and such can come later.

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3 thoughts on “Sorry……sometimes life gets away……

  1. lesliepaints says:

    Well…that explains it. I have missed you and I am happy for the joys that kept you away and very sad for the challenges to health that people you know and love are suffering from. So, sending you hugs….I will be thinking of you.

  2. The art is secondary, like so many other things should be. But I use it for a therapy to help escape some of the daily headaches. So sorry to hear about the ailments and sorrows going on for you at this time, so take care and keep healing the ones that are healable.

  3. Thank you for entering the challenge. By the looks of your life in the past month or so I’m suprised you had time to paint at all.
    I’m sorry to hear about your client’s suicide. Sometimes life throws you a curve ball. (I’ve been there with a family member)

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