‘Tis the season…

…for high school proms and graduation!  Yes, amidst my weekly trips here and there for bridal showers (a major hindrance to my bank account), I was able to be home for my younger brother’s senior prom.  He was a stud, as he usually is.  Honestly, Zach is such a high-quality, well-rounded guy, and awfully mature for an eighteen year-old.  I’m incredibly proud of him.

Anyway, prom was particularly crazy this year.  Zach and Kate-o were returning super late from a competition in Indy, so it was a mad rush to get changed (they went with a black and white theme this year), take pics, go to dinner, and get to prom before the doors are locked.  That’s right: high schools proms have a last call.  It was stressful and insane and hilarious, but they made it!

Oh, wait……you want to see pictures? Fine!  I’ll stop talking.

This is his Horatio Caine pose, which we’ve done for each of his high school formal dances.

I love this boy. 🙂

Here is his lady, Katelyn.  I LOVE this dress.  I want to get married in a dress like this.

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3 thoughts on “‘Tis the season…

  1. Cindy says:

    Zach is all grown up and SO handsome! (Say hi to the folks.)

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