Prayers of Cathedrals

You can still wander into many old cathedrals around the world and find a place to light a candle, whether in memory of a loved one or as a prayer.  While living in Italy, I made a ritual of lighting a candle for my family each time I went into a different cathedral.  I visited my college roommate last spring and when we went to the National Cathedral, where the following photograph was taken, I was struck by how many candles were lit, reflecting how many people were praying or remembering something or someone significant.

A tradition in my dad’s side of the family is to light a candle at the graves of those who have gone before us.  My grandfather, in his mid-eighties, still observes this practice, lighting candles at the graves of his parents and brothers as well as his in-laws.  He’s always reflectively quiet during this simple ceremony, and I find it so sweet and beautiful.  This is a practice I hope to continue someday…

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3 thoughts on “Prayers of Cathedrals

  1. lesliepaints says:

    Beautiful thought and photograph, Bree.

  2. Alina says:

    Beautiful post,my dear friend!
    Would you like to join us? 🙂

    Have a magnificent day!! 😉

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