Foot Fotos

It has been nearly a week since my glorious fall and injury.  Here is what my foot normally looks like (except that this is the left one and my injured foot is the right one):

Here is my injured foot, about four days after the fall.  Most of the swelling has gone down, but the colors have intensified:

Hey, here’s a closer look!

Note all the greens and blues and blacks.  However, the Orthodox cross is not a bruise as a sweet little old lady thought. 🙂  It’s a tattoo.  Don’t worry; I’m wearing a brace to stabilize the foot and ankle, which has, thankfully, made it far easier for me to walk.  As an artist, I’ve rather enjoyed watching the shape of my foot and the colors change.  As a person, well, this has just been a huge inconvenience.

At least I’m getting to enjoy this gorgeous weather!!!

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2 thoughts on “Foot Fotos

  1. lesliepaints says:

    OW! Yes, the colors are ones we use a lot in our painting, huh? This is a great opportunity for a foot study! lol

  2. Vishinsky Designs says:

    Christian Orthodox and an artist! lol

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