Lacking Grace

I went to my brother’s final musical performance of his high school career last night.  He was phenomenal, as he is in pretty much everything he does.  I couldn’t have been more proud.

Then it was over.  I started down the auditorium stairs to make my way through the crowd to Zach.  Then I was on the floor and my shoe was missing.  Yeah – I had fallen down the stairs, and my foot was swelling up in three places and turning colors in two.  Luckily, the entire crowd didn’t notice, just my brother’s girlfriend’s family.  Her grandpa sat on the floor with me (in his suit!) because I was in so much pain and crying.  Former teachers (including my kindergarten teacher) of mine appeared out of nowhere to help me, offering ice and trying to help me stand, but I couldn’t.  The school’s crutches were way too tall for me, so one of my favorite high school teachers had to use the school’s wheelchair to get me out to the car.  That’s right:  I was with my four grandparents, but I was the one in the wheelchair.

I sprained my ankle.  Badly.  Pain was shooting up from my foot to my knee.  It’s now misshapen, different colors, and I can hardly walk, all because I lack the grace to walk down four steps.

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6 thoughts on “Lacking Grace

  1. Bree, I am really sorry about your ankle! Are you sure it’s not broken? I don’t want you to hurt it more if it’s really broken…

    And the grandpa on the floor in his suit is so kind! Thank goodness they saw you!

    • breetsuts says:

      We’re pretty sure it’s not broken because I can move my toes. 🙂 It just hurts a lot.

      • lesliepaints says:

        If you didn’t get it x-rayed, it’s no sure sign you didn’t break it that you can wiggle your toes………Sister did this tripping while running two years ago and she had a fracture…yes, she could wiggle her toes. She ended up in a cast for ten weeks instead of six for furthur damage to her foot by ignoring it for a week.
        Lacking grace? I doubt it. Gravity was having fun with you! Mend quickly, Friend!

  2. breetsuts says:

    Thanks, Leslie! If it’s still bad Monday, I’m going in to have it x-rayed, per the doc’s orders. 🙂

  3. I’m enjoying your twitter updates on the ankle. Not that I’m laughing at your expense or anything. However, I have no doubt that your feet DO look like mine, both because I have cuby toes AND because I have rolled my ankle so many times. Remember when I sprained it move-in day Freshman year? I think it scarred me for life. Miss you.

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