Plague of Locusts

Here is my favorite piece of this series…

So Moses raised his staff over Egypt, and the Lord caused an east wind to blow over the land all that day and through the night.  When morning arrived, the east wind had brought the locusts.  And the locusts swarmed over the whole land of Egypt, settling in dense swarms from one end of the country to the other.  It was the worst locust plague in Egyptian history, and there has never been another one like it.  For the locusts covered the whole country and darkened the land.  They devoured every plant in the fields and all the fruit on the trees that had survived the hailstorm.  Not a single leaf was left on the trees and plants throughout the land of Egypt.          Exodus 10:13-15

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5 thoughts on “Plague of Locusts

  1. I think this is a wonderful, telling painting. The complete darkness of blackish green in the background with the hint of foreground swarming brilliant green locust. Beautiful collection.

  2. lesliepaints says:

    OK. Now this is my favorite. Wow. Do you have these hanging in a grouping in your room? I like the color and transluscence of this one. Plus this one has a swift movement to it like I’d imagine a plague of locusts looking like as it descends on an area.

    • breetsuts says:

      I’m telling you, I was possessed or something by an art muse when I did this series. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever painted before, and when I was finished and finally stepped back from them I thought “wait…who did these?!” Someday I would love to hang them all in a grouping together. Thanks, Leslie!

  3. I love the color green. This painting moves within the green. I can feel the swarm and winds and the heat. The feel is intense.
    Is this done in oils or acrylic?

    • breetsuts says:

      It’s both! I build up a base of acrylics, then paint oils over it in specific places. Thanks for visiting!

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