Olympic Rant

I am hopelessly addicted to watching the Winter Olympics.  I’ve always enjoyed them more than the summer games:  the camaraderie between athletes seems so much more relaxed and genuine and you get to watch sports that aren’t already televised nine months out of the year.  So, bear with me, and my rants and raves thus far…

Shaun White is far and above the most skilled snow boarder in competition.  The performances of his competitors paled in comparison to his the other night.  It’s also really obvious that the guy just adores his sport.  Women’s snowboarding, which aired on NBC last night, was rather disappointing.  I’ve never seen so many falls in the finals of a snowboarding competition.  Hannah Teter, consistently awesome, came through for the US, and I applaud her for remaining focused when all of her teammates and competitors kept falling around her.

The snowboard cross is one of the craziest, most enjoyable competitions to watch.  If you missed it, you missed out.

Apolo Anton Ohno has consistently proved that playing it smooth and cool wins you medals.  He is amazing.

Evan Lysacek gave one of the most energetic and emotional free-skate performances I have ever seen from a male figure skater.  He completely deserved that gold medal.  It was adorable to see coach Frank Carroll finally have an Olympian pupil, after Michelle Kwan got robbed so many times.

Speaking of Evan Lysacek, what is with Russian figure skaters?  Their arrogance and snobbery is equivocal to the men’s track and field athletes in the summer games, and it’s irritating.  Evgeni Plyushenko narrowly missed gold last night due to a few wobbly landings on jumps, and he looked utterly disgusted upon receiving his silver medal and having to endure hearing the national anthem of the United States.  We know you’re disappointed and think you deserved the gold.  Is Russia truly proud to have athletes who lose with so little grace?  Is there no such thing as sportsmanship in some countries?

While I’m at it, I feel that Johnny Weir deserved more for his beautiful performance.  Perhaps he didn’t deserve a medal, but he did deserve a higher position than sixth:  he never fell.

Finally, who the heck designed the Vancouver courses?!  Are they trying to get everyone killed?!  I have never seen so many crashes in the winter games, from skiing to the tragic luge.  I refuse to believe that the athletes are all to blame.  Make it interesting and exciting, but keep the athletes safe, for crying out loud.

You can view performances, interviews and medal ceremonies here.  Also, to end this post on a lighter note, the always amusing Stephen Colbert paid a visit to Bob Costas, which, who the heck is dressing him?!

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6 thoughts on “Olympic Rant

  1. Great analysis, Bree. I hope you’ve had a chance to experience the wonder of curling. All week, I’ve found myself eagerly awaiting another USA curling match. Too bad, they are not very good.

    • breetsuts says:

      Thanks to my work schedule, I’ve been able to enjoy quite a bit of curling. We’ve had some very close, sad losses, but Canada’s team is amazing!

  2. lesliepaints says:

    I missed the snowboard cross! I babysit and teach. Perhaps it was on while I was doing one of those. I am watching them with you!

  3. shylockbooks says:

    My favorite events are short track and snowboard half-pipe, along with the figure skating events. It’s been a great Olympics so far!

  4. Amy Schierloh says:

    I’m obsessed with watching the olympic figure skating. I don’t let myself watch figure skating at any other time to keep it under control. Anyway, I love Evan. But the biggest disappointment for me was Stephane Lambiel’s free skate. What happened? I’m still going to propose.

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