Today marks a day in which communities all over the world celebrate Fat Tuesday, a day of self-indulgence, before the holy season of Lent.  The city in the U.S. most famous for its Mardi Gras celebration is, of course, New Orleans.  Theirs is a raunchy celebration of insanity, and definitely not a family oriented party.  Keep your children away if you do not desire for them to see parts of the human anatomy usually kept under wraps.  And the crowds!  Just look at Bourbon Street, courtesy of

Rio de Janeiro is home to another famous Carnevale celebration, reminiscent of a Las Vegas show, but with a more ethnic flavor and a slightly terrifying parade:

And look, Colombia has fire breathers!

Perhaps the most famous, and my personal choice, of Fat Tuesday and Carnevale celebrations comes from Venezia, or Venice, a “floating” city of wonder and romance.  Carnevale is celebrated with elaborate parties, stunning costumes, exotic masks, gondolas, fireworks, and food.



The following photos are from, a gorgeous website with great information on my favorite country.

Enjoy Martedi Grasso!!!

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