We are so LOST.

I’m a Lostie.  I just couldn’t help myself:  after watching the pilot episode six years ago, I was hopelessly hooked.  I’ve never invested this way in a television show, with intrigue and tears and wonder.  People around me have been talking about tonight, the final season premier for days and days.  People are freakishly obsessed.  I admit that I will be unreachable tonight while the show airs, because if you miss even a moment, you could miss something vital!

As much as I adore LOST, I have to wonder:  if we invested in people, in each other, as much as we invest in our favorite television shows or sports teams, wouldn’t our little world be a more beautiful place?  More often than not, I think our priorities get a little lost.

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One thought on “We are so LOST.

  1. lesliepaints says:

    One huge and cool thought coming from someone young. I praise your insight.

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