Martedi Grasso

Known as Mardi Gras to most Americans, Fat Tuesday was the first holiday I experienced upon my arrival in Italy.  We had barely settled in when the entire country, some places more than others, celebrated Carnivale with great zeal.  I remember early that Tuesday morning, visiting a local bakery, tucked away on a side street.  I purchased a paper cone filled with delectable zeppole, the Italian equivalent of donut holes, and roamed the quiet streets, watching the shops and cafes open and the small grocers and florists receive their early morning shipments.

The night was a different experience.  Little children ran all over the place dressed in costumes.  Confetti and glitter of violets, reds, and golds filtered through the air and fell into the cracks between the cobblestones.  Silly string was sprayed all over buildings and unsuspecting walkers.  There were people everywhere until quite late; it was the only night I remember returning to my humble abode before the rest of the town had closed its shutters.

This piece, oils and acrylic on masonite, was inspired by my memories of Martedi Grasso in Orvieto, and the taste of Carnivale I received in Venice.  I’m not sure what else to do with it, or if I should do anything else.

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8 thoughts on “Martedi Grasso

  1. Brittany, this piece is stunning. I LOVE it, and I hope I can see it in person sometime soon.

    • breetsuts says:

      Oh, I’m sure you will, Valley. Also, it still weirds me out sometimes when you call me “Brittany”, even though it’s my real name.

  2. lesliepaints says:

    Brittany. I like it. You’ve captured the energy of what you described in this piece! It gives off an energetic and festive feel. The dark background says it’s a night festivity. Good job!

    • breetsuts says:

      Leslie, I really appreciate your feedback as an artist. What I miss most from college is having a community of artists available to critique and offer advice. Thanks!!!

  3. ashely says:

    bree! i’m so thrilled to see that you’re painting again. lovely texture!

    • breetsuts says:

      Not gonna lie: I had a dream in which Bruce was furious that I wasted all that time after taking his class and learning so much. I woke up and thought: Oh, dang, I’d better get painting…

  4. ashely says:

    that really happened.

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