Hotels With No Uncertainty

My brother is a guy with a variety of talents: he gets great grades (alliteration!) in school, he can play almost any sport well, he is musically gifted, and he’s generally a great person, earning him the male citizen of the year award from his peers and teachers at his high school.  He’s been in the All-State Honors Choir for the past three years, and this past weekend was his final performance.  It also happened to be my cousin Melissa’s first year in the Honors Choir, and none of us were surprised to see that they managed to stand next to one another…

Yes, it’s blurry: sue me.  I didn’t take it.  The choir sounded absolutely incredible this year, the spirit-filled, Scottish Loch Lomond being my favorite.  Zach really loved this year’s conductor, and he was adorable:

However, with all the fun the relatives had over the weekend, I was most struck by our hotel, apparently designed for stupid people:

And, yes, the bar of soap says “cleanse”.  There is no doubt for what everything is to be used. Holiday Inn Express:  May you never be confused in a hotel again.

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2 thoughts on “Hotels With No Uncertainty

  1. We often stay at Holiday Inn Express during travels, and I would recognize those ridiculously labeled items anywhere! I’m surprised the bed doesn’t say “Sleep” and the toilet doesn’t say “Flush.”

  2. Michael says:

    Great pictures! 🙂

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