Maria’s Adventure in Paraguay (II)

Lighthouse headquarters in Upland received a call from the sponsors of Maria’s mission team, and Team Paraguay has finally arrived at their final destination of Arroyo Bandera!  The Iguazú Falls were beyond their imaginations, and I cannot wait to see my sister’s pictures.  They spent a day at the Puerto Barra Aché community, a village which has already interacted with TU, to orient the students on Aché culture.  In addition to learning so many things about these beautiful people, Maria & her friends played soccer with the kids and swam in the river.  Yes, Maria swam in a river in Paraguay.  Pretty cool.

The team has finally reached Arroyo Bandera after having to push their vans part of the way due to muddy roads, which sounds like a good time.  Today they are meeting the people of the Arroyo Bandera  Aché community and setting up for their construction work and ministry.  I cannot imagine what my sister is feeling and experiencing.

If you are one who prays, please pray for the continued safety and health of the team, that the Aché and Americans will be able to effectively communicate through language barriers, and that the hearts of both groups of people will be changed.

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One thought on “Maria’s Adventure in Paraguay (II)

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