I’m one of those people who enjoys giving gifts far more than receiving them.  I love the excitement of finding something perfect for a special someone’s personality.  I love the process of wrapping and creating bows and, as an artist, finding unique color combinations.

The best gifts I have ever received are the ones that surprise me.  I may be shopping with someone or looking at a magazine or surfing online and I’ll suddenly find something that makes my eyes light up.  Come Christmas, I will have forgotten about it, but someone will remember my reaction from months ago and will have purchased that thing I had forgotten about.  Those gifts are the best.

My favorite gift story of all time belongs to my grandpa.  Raised in a family of working immigrants, birthdays and Christmas were celebrated to a small degree, if at all.  My grandpa doesn’t remember receiving gifts growing up, but he does remember his first:  as he entered the Navy during World War II, his older brother, Tom, gave him a coat.  It was something so simple, yet it had the most profound impact on my grandpa.  Tom died while my grandpa was away at war, and my grandpa still talks about receiving that coat.

Those are the gifts I love:  the ones that are remembered.

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