In my household, family has always been second only to God.  Perhaps that is why I always have a great anticipation of all the relatives I will see during the holiday season.  While it is a stressful ordeal to schedule everyone in, the result is so worth all the planning.

My father’s side is Macedonian (as in “from Macedonia”).  They are in plenty supply, loud, usually Republican, and always have something to say.  They enjoy eating and drinking and swapping gossip and spoiling members of the youngest present generation.  They are also a hilarious bunch of people, and my siblings and I spend many happy moments reminiscing over something hilariously awkward that occurred or was said.

My mother’s side is a melting pot of the United Kingdom and Germany, though I feel the Irish and Scottish in them make the greatest appearance at family gatherings.  They can also be quite loud, usually Democratic, and are often opinionated.  They also enjoy eating and sharing stories.  In fact, both sides usually make an ungodly amount of food for any family gathering and everyone is forced to leave with enough leftovers for multiple meals.

Yes, the holidays are exhausting, what with all of the human interaction, traveling, and eating, eating, eating.  If you took away all of the decorations and gifts and pageantry, I know I would be okay as long as I still had my family.  Yes, even the awkward, embarrassing members.


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