I clearly remember the struggle to breathe, the icy fear that was a heavy weight in my chest.  I had assumed that opening my eyes would end the nightmare, but it seemed to be real.  The creature was there, between me and the door, so escape was out of the question.

It was, perhaps, four feet in height, with bat-like features.  The narrow eyes were terrifying:  milky white and softly glowing.  Its teeth were all fangs, the better to gnash with, I suppose.  It may not have been so frightening if I wasn’t being overwhelmed by the waves of demonic evil radiating from this being.  It was immobilizing; I couldn’t move from my bed, even to sit up.  I couldn’t make a sound, no scream or cry or prayer could escape.  It was lunging at me, but it couldn’t quite reach.  Never, ever, have I felt such terror.  I was completely alone in a dormitory full of sleeping people.

I could only think, think of great angels with swords and that my soul had already been purchased with His blood and no demon could take that away.  The creature lunged at me, furious, fangs gleaming.  I squeezed my eyes shut to help focus on the hope I had learned long ago.  When I finally gained the courage to open my eyes again, the creature was gone.

The memory, however, will always be there.

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