Cardinal Virtues

“Okay, next question:  Jenna, what are the four cardinal virtues?”

“I don’t know!”  Jenna giggled hysterically, like she giggles every time anyone says or does anything.  I’ve never known another human being who giggles so often.

“Jenna, you do too.”

“We’ve been studying for three hours!”

“So you should know the four cardinal virtues!”

Sweet Olga brought us more cappuccinos; the Italian kind, serve in palm-sized, white mugs.  They have a perfect consistency at Montanucci’s:  the espresso is just at the right bitterness, hot and never burned, the milky foam is light and airy.  Drinking such a concoction is a spiritual experience.


Anna was laughing now, amused at my mock irritation and Jenna’s innate inability to focus on anything but Orvietani cappuccino and pastries.  And Italian men.

“Oh, okay, fine, just…let me think………the four cardinal virtues are……prudence, justice……temperance, and……oh, crap, the fourth one starts with an “f”!  Just a minute, it’s “for-“……”for-“………fornication!”

She was so excited to have answered the question given to her!  Anna was long gone, her beautiful laugh just bubbling up out of her.  I stared at Jenna with delighted wide eyes, and before laughing, I told her:

“Fornication is definitely not a virtue.”

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One thought on “Cardinal Virtues

  1. kjax says:

    I think this is going to make me cry.

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